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Personal Pitcher® Pro Training Package w/curveballs (Choose One Option Below)

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    Our Most Popular Package! Save $60, limited time offer!

    The Pro Training Package includes a Personal Pitcher Pro, Tripod, WebGlov, Isolator Pad and your choice of one of the following options: Hitmaster Grobat, 40 Feet of Netting, Solar Charger with 2 dozen Focus Balls, Lifetime Warranty with 2 dozen Focus Balls.  Save money and have our most popular accessories included with this affordable training package.

    The Personal Pitcher is great for pre-game warm-up, get your swing down and your confidence up for live pitching.


    INCLUDES our Personal Pitcher Pro:

    • 4 Speed Settings (simulates 15-95mph) w/5 and 8 sec. interval
    • Left and Right Handed Curveballs
    • Pro Timing Light for Proper Loading
    • Pitch Isolation Training for working on those problem pitches. Repetition works!
    • Automatic Feeder, 55 Ball Capacity
    • 48 Wiffle Golf Balls - Softball Players put "Yellow Balls" in comments
    • 1-Year Warranty
    • AC Adapter/Charger
    • 4-Hour Rechargeable Battery
    • Major League Tested and Approved
    • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee



    • Tripod
    • WebGlov
    • Isolator Pad


    PLUS ONE of the following options:

    • HitMaster GroBat
    • 40' Batting Cage Net
    • Solar Charger Adapter with 2 dozen Focus Balls
    • Lifetime Warranty with 2 dozen Focus Balls 


    My grandson absolutely loves his personal pitcher!

    Purchased this pitching machine because of the online reviews and the fact that he could use it for fielding and hitting practice. My grandson is 8 years old and absolutely loves it. He wants to use it everyday and I can see improvement in his hitting and confidence in just a week. Best investment I have made in along time. Would highly recommend this to anyone who is trying to improve eye/hand coordination and confidence.   Sue     on   May 31st 2016



    Our Guarantee

    All our products are backed with our 30-day Money Back Guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied, you may return your product(s) within 30 days for a refund. The only cost to you is shipping.  Add the Lifetime Warranty for only $24.99.

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    1. Great customer service!

      I ordered 2 of these machines. Then I received an email making sure I wanted 2 of them. Looking out for the customer is unique concept. They arrived on time and run great. A great indoor and outdoor tool. My son and his teammates love the new drills. Great way to work on the small things on Apr 23rd 2019

    2. My son loves it!

      We ordered a personal pitcher pro for our son to start getting cuts in before spring. We set it up in our garage and he loves it! Practices each day after school. Until the snow melts away in the great north of Wisconsin this was a perfect solution for him to get ready for baseball season. He loves it after only after a week of use my son already regained his swing, form, and is gaining confidence for the upcoming season! on Mar 21st 2019

    3. Great training tool

      I purchased the personal pitcher pro and after a few weeks of running it I am completely satisfied with the results. The machine works flawlessly and the kids can train whenever they wish. If I had to say I would change one thing it is the indicator light that lets you know a ball is coming is a little too bright and when using it indoors seems to be a little too bright. Easily fixed with a few layers of scotch tape. I would definitely recommend this product and given the chance would purchase again. Thank you for providing a great training tool for kids of all ages. on Mar 12th 2019

    4. Personal Pitcher Pro

      This machine is AWESOME!! I wish we knew about it 10 years ago. It’s an inexpensive investment (less than a quality baseball glove or bat). Throws both fastballs and curves. Purchased for our high school son to keep sharp this summer. He uses it daily and can work on hitting without others needing to be there. Great product. on Jun 11th 2018

    5. Great equipment

      The Personal Pitcher is a quality machine that does just what it says it will do, and that is rare in the world these days. My son loves it. It has him asking to practice. on May 25th 2018

    6. Great product!

      I got the pro training package for my boys 7 yrs and 13 yrs who play competitive ball. They love it and have been using it a bunch. I have fun setting it up. It saves my arm and makes my life easier. Kids never want to get off it and get in a ton of reps without any failures like you get at public batting cages. on May 22nd 2018

    7. Personal pitcher

      Great product son loves it.Only issue you need a lot of room in garage,need 20-30ft to get accurate distance for fastball(high school) didn’t see that on website on Apr 15th 2018

    8. Awesome

      We have had the personal pitcher for two weeks and my boys have used it every day. I have a 10 yr old working on timing and visual recognition with positive results. As advertised a great product and great value compared to similar products. Very happy with the purchase. on Nov 5th 2017

    9. I Love our Personal Pitcher

      We've only had it a little over a week but so far it's been a lot of fun. Using the growbat makes the hitter concentrate on squaring up the small sized balls. My players usually run through 20 cuts with the growbat before finishing with 20 cuts with their normal bats. Builds great hand-eye coordination. We've only used the PP outside so far but plan to use this at some of our indoor winter practices. Windy conditions can affect ball flight but it's nothing that would prevent that. It delivers a consistent hittable ball time after time. If there are 60 balls in the hopper it throws about 50-55 of them for strikes in various parts of the zone. Overall I'd say it's a great tool to help Baseballs/Softball players of all ages become better hitters. on Sep 26th 2017

    10. Great product

      We have had the personal pitcher for two weeks and both my boys have used it every day. I have a 9 yr old working on timing and visual recognition with positive results. My 13 yr old has been working on cure ball recognition and timing. As advertised a great product and great value compared to similar products. Very happy with the purchase. on Aug 4th 2017

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