Bat Saver Collar™

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Bat Too Big? Need More Bat Control? No Problem with the Bat Saver Collar!

This 1" choke-up collar will fit on your game bat that might be a little too big.  

If you have a bat that’s 1″ too long and perhaps an ounce or two heavy, attach our Bat Saver Collar and you’ll have exactly what you need: a 1″ shorter bat that feels ounces lighter because of the higher hand position.  It's better than just choking up as bottom hand pressure and feel on the collar is the same as it would be on the knob.

Lengthen the life of that favorite bat and save hundreds of dollars.


  • Two pieces easily lock into place
  • Easily removable to use on multiple bats, including our HitMaster GroBat


  • Lengthens the life of your bat
  • Better Bat Control
  • Save hundreds of dollars on bats
  • Use that favorite bat longer

Suggested Uses

  • Attach to your game bat
  • Also able to be used on the HitMaster GroBat

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