Set up your very own backyard batting cage in minutes with the Personal Pitcher

With as little as 15 feet of narrow space, 30 feet of our batting cage net and a Personal Pitcher pitching machine, you’ll be on your way to getting the swings you need to hit with power and confidence!

Prefer to set one up indoors instead?
Visit our Garage Batting Cage or Basement Batting Cage pages to see how other customers have created their very own indoor hitting cage.

Chris Demos Backyard Batting Cage

It’s So Simple – Here’s All You’ll Need:

Fastballs, Curveballs & Soft-Toss
4 Dozen Balls
Signature Features*
30-Day Money Back Guarantee!

Regular Price: $179.99
Sale Price: $143.99

* Signature Features include: Automatic Feeder; 55-Ball Capacity; 4 Adjustable Speed Settings; Pitch Indicator Light for Timing; A/C Adapter; 4-Hour Rechargeable Battery; and 1-Year Full-Coverage Warranty.
High Strength
Light Weight
Easy To Work With
Use Anywhere

Sale Price: $14.40 (Sold in units of 10 feet)

Check Out This Example Of A Backyard Batting Cage Using a Pop-Up Canopy

In this example, we incorporated a 10×10 pop up canopy, though it’s not necessary to take backyard batting practice. Many of our customers use the space along the side of their house or enclose a patio area – Get creative!
STEP 1: Set Up Canopy

batting cage pop up down

STEP 2: Attach Netting

batting cage pop up with net

STEP 3: Start Swinging!

batting cage still shot swing

Chris Demos Backyard Batting Cage

Get started with your very own batting cage by adding these items to your cart:


  • Throws LH and RH Curveballs & Sliders
  • 4-Dozen Balls
  • 1-Yr Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Optional Lifetime Warranty
Regular Price: $179.99
Sale Price: $143.99

  • High strength, light weight
  • Easy to work with – can be cut with scissors.
  • Ideal for use with the Personal Pitcher
Sale Price: $14.40 (Sold in units of 10 feet)
Dear Sales: I recently purchased the personal pitcher pro for my high school baseball team. We are loving it. We use it indoors in upstate New York on a daily basis for bunting drills, fielding drills, catcher’s blocking balls in the dirt, etc… Thank you for creating and making available such a great product at such a reasonable price.
Kyle P - Pierrepont Manor, NY
Just wanted to drop in a line or two to say what an outstanding product the “Personal Pitcher” is and what a great value it is for the money. Its a durable well made product that goes up in seconds, is hassle free, and can be used anywhere with no space restrictions. The Personal Pitcher throws accurately and allows a hitter to get 10 times the number of swings in and uses a fraction of the time as compared to the conventional high priced big name pitching machines. As a coach or player you will see the results quickly from using this machine whether it be in your win or loss column or your batting average.
Randy H - San Diego, CA