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Is your site secure so I may safely make a purchase?

Yes! We use 256 bit SSL encryption to protect confidential data, including your credit card information, during online transactions.

May I return your products I am not fully satisfied?

Absolutely. We offer a 30-day money back guarantee for all of our products. The only cost to you is the shipping. We will process your refund upon receipt of your return.

How accurate is the Personal Pitcher?

Every pitch is in the strike zone. A windy day can affect the accuracy.

Why should I choose a Pro Training Special (PTS) package over the Personal Pitcher alone?

We've spent the last few decades developing the best products to help every level and age player be the best they can be on the field. Our Special Packages allow you to add hitting aids and pitching machine accessories at a reduced price. We're confident we have the BEST training system available - AT ANY PRICE!

How can the Personal Pitcher with Pitch Isolation Training (PIT) help a batter?

Pitch Isolation Training (PIT) allows a batter to isolate a specific pitch that is causing problems, like a right handed curveball or a fastball on the outside corner. The pitching machine provides accurate repeat pitches in the zone until a batter can hit this pitch with power and confidence. ONLY the PRO Personal Pitcher with curveballs, fastballs, and sliders, offers this unique capability. Choose a Special Package and add a GroBat, tripod, batting cage net, solar charger adapter and a pair of WebGloves to create the BEST training system available!

How fast does the Personal Pitcher throw?

The Personal Pitcher Pitching Machine has 4 different speeds that will accommodate all players from Pee Wee to Pro. On the fastest speed a Professional or College player should stand 30 feet away to simulate the reaction time of a 90 mph fastball.  Speed 2 at 27 feet is great for High School players.  Speed 3 at 27 feet is recommended for Little League players.  The slowest speed is a soft toss and is recommended for all ages and can be used in as a little as 10 feet of space.  Right and left handed curveballs at 25 feet are a great challenge.  Players should not get used to one setting at one distance as they need to vary their timing as all pitchers throw different and adjustments will need to be made.

What does my warranty include?

The PRO and STANDARD Personal Pitcher models come with a 1 year full warranty that includes all parts and labor. You may also purchase a Personal Pitcher Lifetime Warranty which covers motors & wheels, the circuit board, the plastic housing, the ball feeder & motor, and all LED lights for the lifetime of the machine.

What is Pitch Isolation Training?

Pitch Isolation Training offers hitters the opportunity to master their most difficult problem pitches. Select a specific speed and pitch setting to repeatedly "isolate" those problem pitches until they're eliminated. The Personal Pitcher with Pitch Isolation Training will help you approach the plate and pitcher with the confidence and skill you need to hit any strike zone pitch with power!

What is True Pitch Technology?

Other Small Ball Machines will pitch balls out with top spin, side spin, or knuckle balls. The Personal Pitcher throws fastballs with back spin so the balls stay straight and true. Visually the batter will recognize spin that will carry over to the game.

Is this machine advanced enough for a Varsity High School Player?

Absolutely! Players at all levels, including Major Leaguers, use the Personal Pitcher to maintain their swing.

How far do the balls travel after being hit?

It depends on the level of the hitter. The best hitters will be able to hit it about 90-100ft. Most hitters will hit them 40-60 ft.

How do I recharge the battery? How long does it take to charge the battery? Can I over charge it?

Simply plug the machine into the wall with the battery properly installed and it will recharge itself. It takes about 1 hour for each hour of use. After about 4-5hrs of charging the battery, unplug it from the wall. It should not lose capacity for many years.

How heavy is the Personal Pitcher?

A fully loaded box (w/ 4 dozen balls, tripod and battery) weighs approximately 9 lbs.

Can I use my own tripod?

Yes, the Personal Pitcher will mount on any standard tripod.

I heard your company makes a wireless brake light - May I place an order?

Sure! Please give us a call at 1-800-474-8243 to purchase our wireless brake light. 

I heard your company makes a coaching device called the ScoutWatch - May I place an order?

For more information about the ScoutWatch, please give us a call at 1-800-474-8243. 

I am in need of an operating instructions/manual for the Personal Pitcher®. 

Click here to view or download set up instructions directly from our website. If you have any questions or concerns, after carefully reviewing and implementing the instructions, please call us (with the machine in front of you) at 1-800-474-8243.  

I need instructions for how to add or remove weights to my Hitmaster GroBat™. 

Click here to view or download instructions directly from our website. If you have any questions or concerns, after carefully reviewing and implementing the instructions, please call us (with the bat in front of you) at 1-800-474-8243.