Personal Pitcher Pitching Machine

Personal Pitcher® Pro Curveball/Fastball Pitching Machine save $36, All Star Special! *Softball Players type "Yellow" in Comments to get Yellow Balls*

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  • Product Description

    All Star Special Price, save $36, limited time offer! 

    Our most popular model, the Personal Pitcher Pro has 4 different pitch speeds simulating soft toss and fastballs from 15 to 95mph.  With the flip of its switches it can also throw left and right handed curve balls.  It has an automatic feeder with 55 ball capacity so a player can get 100s of swings a day.   Only weighs 5 pounds and mounts on any standard camera tripod (option/accessories) so it's extremely portable. Hit with your game bat, the balls won't break.  

    This Wiffle golf ball pitching machine is ideal for practice in the backyard, garage or basement, our most popular model.

    Great for Softball and Baseball players, our small ball pitching machine comes with a 1 year warranty, 48 Wiffle golf balls, an A/C adapter and a 4-hour rechargeable battery.  It has 5 and 8 sec. pitch intervals.

    The Personal Pitcher Pro, with its 30-day money back guarantee, is the most affordable, convenient and effective baseball hitting equipment on the market. Read our reviews to see!



    • 4 Speed Settings (Simulating 15-95mph)
    • Left and Right Handed Curve Balls
    • Pro Timing Light for Proper Loading
    • Pitch Isolation Training for working on those problem pitches. Repetition works!
    • Automatic Feeder, 55 Ball Capacity
    • Portability for Use Indoors or Outdoors
    • Mounts Onto Standard Camera Tripod (not included)
    • Use Your Game Bat, Balls Will Not Break
    • Major League Tested and Approved
    • Weighs Less Than 5lbs


    What's Included

    • AC Adapter/Charger
    • 4-Hour Rechargeable Battery
    • 48 Wiffle Golf Balls
    • 1-Year Warranty (Full Coverage)
    • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
    • Lifetime warranty option only $24.95


    Product Benefits

    • Get Practice Swings Anywhere, Anytime
    • Improve Hand Eye Coordination
    • Increase Bat Speed
    • Build Confidence
    • Develop Discipline


    Suggested Uses

    • Pre Game Warmups
    • Team Hitting Station
    • Solo Hitting In Your Backyard, Garage or Basement
    • On Sport Courts, Tennis Courts or Racquetball Courts


     "I just want to thank you for your great product. My son started using his Personal Pitcher as a 14 year old. That year he helped lead his team to the local Pony League Championship game hitting a home run in the semifinals to knock off an undefeated #1 seeded team. When he was a senior in High School, he became the local newspaper coverage area’s batting champ. He spent countless hours in our back yard using your product and the results speak for themselves. He batted over .600, had a grand slam and went 6 for 6 with bases loaded as his team’s cleanup hitter that season. Oh did I mention that before we found about the Personal Pitcher… As an 11 year old little leaguer, he only had 1 hit during his entire season?" ~ Mike T - Solon, OH


    My grandson absolutely loves his personal pitcher!

    I purchased this pitching machine because of the online reviews and the fact that he could use it for fielding and hitting practice. My grandson is 8 years old and absolutely loves it. He wants to use it everyday and I can see improvement in his hitting and confidence in just a week. Best investment I have made in along time. Would highly recommend this to anyone who is trying to improve eye/hand coordination and confidence.   Sue     on   May 31st 2016



    All pitching machines come with a 1-year full coverage warranty. For an additional cost, add our lifetime warranty for only $24.95 which covers: Motors & Wheels; Circuit Board; Plastic Housing; Ball Feeder & Motor; and All LED Lights.


    Our Guarantee

    All our products are backed with our 30-day Money Back Guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied, you may return your product(s) within 30 days for a refund. The only cost to you is shipping.



  • Product Reviews


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    1. Great Product

      I wish i had this when i was a kid. We use it for two of our daughters who play softball. This is perfect for hitting practice - best device on the market. I would give it five stars if there was an attachment available to increase the size of the basket to load more balls in it. on Sep 27th 2016

    2. Great tool for hitting instruction

      I use this with our 12U travel ball team. It is great hand coordination training and allows me to coach the swing mechanics at the plate hands free. on Sep 26th 2016

    3. This is a fun way to train

      I've had the PP for a bout 3 weeks now. It's easy to set up and use. A word of warning:you can wear yourself out in a hurry with this machine! I'm 64 and play in an adult league. This is a great tool for training. It sets up easy and throws hard enough to be effective. I made a point scoring game (like home run derby) to make the training more fun and a quantitative measure of effectiveness. I load 10 balls at a time and track my scores each round. That also gives me a break so I can coach myself on form and technique. I'm planning on getting back into coaching this coming season and will definitely use this as one of my training tools. I just wish I'd had one 20 years ago! on Sep 25th 2016

    4. Great

      Great product my boys love it! on Sep 4th 2016

    5. good

      The product is great but the auto ball feeder wasn't spinning at it works and it's very accurate
      on Aug 23rd 2016

    6. good fun

      I told my wife I purchased the personal pitcher for my daughter to practice hitting, but I really bought it for my own use. I love it. I use a skinny plastic bat and find that setting the machine up close provides a real challenge. My playing days are probably over, but I still love swinging away. But for my daughter, it's a great tool to continue to work on her swing and keeping her head down and eye on the ball. on Jun 8th 2016

    7. My grandson absolutely loves his personal pitcher!

      Purchased this pitching machine because of the online reviews and the fact that he could use it for fielding and hitting practice. My grandson is 8 years old and absolutely loves it. He wants to use it everyday and I can see improvement in his hitting and confidence in just a week. Best investment I have made in along time. Would highly recommend this to anyone who is trying to improve eye/hand coordination and confidence. on May 31st 2016

    8. Not skeptical anymore

      As a guy who has coached over 16 seasons of youth baseball.... I can be skeptical of all these tools and accessories that sometimes turn out to be gimmicks.
      And, I had looked at this product for quite a while before actually purchasing.
      Well, after noticing some of the kids not keeping their head down on the ball.... I revisited the Personal Pitcher and decided to give it a chance.
      I was pleasantly surprised.
      After just the first hopper of balls.... The boys figured out that they cannot pull their head and hit this little ball. They MUST keep their head down and WATCH the bat hit the ball.
      The improvement in hand/eye coordination seems evident and I cannot wait to see them improve every day.
      This will be used in the backyard as well as a supplement to our hitting drills in practice.
      A funny little story: My son has a teammate in the neighborhood. He is a year older and much stronger than my son(they are 9 & 10 and play tourney ball). We invited him to give it a try and he whiffed over 90% of the balls in his first try. My son schooled him when it was his turn. That neighbor kid has already been back with his own bat and batting glove. LOL. Even the kids see the value in this awesome tool.
      My 14yr old actually struggled for a bit as well and he is a very disciplined hitter. He will have the edge when it is time for H.S. tryouts this summer. This will help him get up to speed on the bigger/heavier bat they require in High School.
      Accuracy: 90% or more of the fast balls are in the strike zone or just outside and still hittable. This is not a problem as we aren't paying for the cage time and kids don't throw perfect every time anyway... So it simulates a live at-bat this way.

      The curve ball was bending just a little too far outside the strike zone so we fixed that with moving the machine a foot or two closer to the batter.

      At higher speeds the little guys really struggled. So I can see them not outgrowing this anytime soon. If ever!!

      Very user-friendly. The kids had all of the controls memorized right away. And while I like to be there coaching them when they hit, my kids can use this anytime they want without adult supervision.

      The only negative is that the wind does have a huge affect on the balls. But we knew this going in so I am not knocking the product for that. It is what it is.

      I give the Personal Pitcher 5 out of 5 stars.

      on May 2nd 2016

    9. As good as advertised

      This little machine is just as advertised. Very easy set up and pitches very consistent. My son plays at the High School Varsity level and I can't see any reason why this machine won't improve his hand eye coordination and average. The only thing I would change would be to increase the hopper size, which I did with a couple plastic license plates and duct tape. If you have an older hard hitting player don't waste money on focus balls......the balls are fine but the colored band doesn't last long......Best part of this machine is my son can flick the switch on and get a couple hundred swings a day in without the need for anyone to feed or set the pitching machine up. Highly recommend this product on Apr 27th 2016

    10. Love it!

      I use the Personal Pitcher Pro for my 3A team training; having eleven 9-11 year old's cycling through 3 times a week for batting practice. I set it at about 25-30 feet away from home plate and have a parent or assistant coach help feed it so that we can get through all players in a timely fashion. The kids love it and come to practice on-time as I assign numbers to the kids to when they arrive; if you are 1st to show up at practice, you are the first to use it. The different pitching options seem to work just fine and I am very happy with this purchase. The rechargeable battery is a huge plus and I have also purchased the Solar extension as a just in case; but so far don't see any issues with power at all being that practices are about 2 hours each. I purchased the lifetime warranty on this as well and would like to see if this holds up as it is plastic and very light.

      It does have a couple of negatives as to why it is given 4 stars and not 5; it doesn't hold a ton of balls and I feel the ball holder needs to be about 2 to 3 inches taller. What is written on the box and what I have read in the descriptions aren't completely accurate on how many it can hold. It does move ever so slightly to where I have to adjust it so that it stays firing over home plate after every 4 or 5 pitches (blame this on my tripod maybe). A carrying protective case would be ideal or at least to have the option to purchase.
      on Feb 17th 2016

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    Personal Pitcher Pitching Machine

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  • Warranty Information

    The Personal Pitcher comes with a 1-Year Manufacturer's Warranty.

    Customers may choose to add the Lifetime Warranty at an additional cost.

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