Personal Pitcher Pitching Machine

Personal Pitcher® Pro Curveball/Fastball Pitching Machine save $36, All Star Special! *Softball Players type "Yellow" in Comments to get Yellow Balls*

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  • Product Description

    All Star Special Price, save $36, limited time offer! 

    Our most popular model, the Personal Pitcher Pro has 4 different pitch speeds simulating soft toss and fastballs from 15 to 95mph.  With the flip of its switches it can also throw left and right handed curve balls.  It has an automatic feeder with 55 ball capacity so a player can get 100s of swings a day.   Only weighs 5 pounds and mounts on any standard camera tripod (option/accessories) so it's extremely portable. Hit with your game bat, the balls won't break.  

    This Wiffle golf ball pitching machine is ideal for practice in the backyard, garage or basement, our most popular model.

    Great for Softball and Baseball players, our small ball pitching machine comes with a 1 year warranty, 48 Wiffle golf balls, an A/C adapter and a 4-hour rechargeable battery.  It has 5 and 8 sec. pitch intervals.

    The Personal Pitcher Pro, with its 30-day money back guarantee, is the most affordable, convenient and effective baseball hitting equipment on the market. Read our reviews to see!



    • 4 Speed Settings (Simulating 15-95mph)
    • Left and Right Handed Curve Balls
    • Pro Timing Light for Proper Loading
    • Pitch Isolation Training for working on those problem pitches. Repetition works!
    • Automatic Feeder, 55 Ball Capacity
    • Portability for Use Indoors or Outdoors
    • Mounts Onto Standard Camera Tripod (not included)
    • Use Your Game Bat, Balls Will Not Break
    • Major League Tested and Approved
    • Weighs Less Than 5lbs


    What's Included

    • AC Adapter/Charger
    • 4-Hour Rechargeable Battery
    • 48 Wiffle Golf Balls
    • 1-Year Warranty (Full Coverage)
    • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
    • Lifetime warranty option only $24.95


    Product Benefits

    • Get Practice Swings Anywhere, Anytime
    • Improve Hand Eye Coordination
    • Increase Bat Speed
    • Build Confidence
    • Develop Discipline


    Suggested Uses

    • Pre Game Warmups
    • Team Hitting Station
    • Solo Hitting In Your Backyard, Garage or Basement
    • On Sport Courts, Tennis Courts or Racquetball Courts


     "I just want to thank you for your great product. My son started using his Personal Pitcher as a 14 year old. That year he helped lead his team to the local Pony League Championship game hitting a home run in the semifinals to knock off an undefeated #1 seeded team. When he was a senior in High School, he became the local newspaper coverage area’s batting champ. He spent countless hours in our back yard using your product and the results speak for themselves. He batted over .600, had a grand slam and went 6 for 6 with bases loaded as his team’s cleanup hitter that season. Oh did I mention that before we found about the Personal Pitcher… As an 11 year old little leaguer, he only had 1 hit during his entire season?" ~ Mike T - Solon, OH


    My grandson absolutely loves his personal pitcher!

    I purchased this pitching machine because of the online reviews and the fact that he could use it for fielding and hitting practice. My grandson is 8 years old and absolutely loves it. He wants to use it everyday and I can see improvement in his hitting and confidence in just a week. Best investment I have made in along time. Would highly recommend this to anyone who is trying to improve eye/hand coordination and confidence.   Sue     on   May 31st 2016



    All pitching machines come with a 1-year full coverage warranty. For an additional cost, add our lifetime warranty for only $24.95 which covers: Motors & Wheels; Circuit Board; Plastic Housing; Ball Feeder & Motor; and All LED Lights.


    Our Guarantee

    All our products are backed with our 30-day Money Back Guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied, you may return your product(s) within 30 days for a refund. The only cost to you is shipping.



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    1. Great Product...Great Value

      It's a great product. All you need is about 15 feet to use it. It is a great addition to practicing at home off the tee. Tee work is very important, but this is fun and an easy way to get a lot of repetitions. Practicing on the wiffle golf balls helps with hand eye coordination, and you don't need an expensive net or worry about breaking stuff. I think it is one of the best values out there. on Jul 30th 2017

    2. Best.Pitching machine.Period

      The Personal pitcher Pro, a wiffle ball pitching machine that pitches real brand wiffle balls, these balls are more than two times smaller than a real baseball and was more of a challenge to hit than a real baseball, improving my hand-eye coordination, it's built with a hard durable plastic case housing a motor that has variable speed that can really throw the ball fast. I'm loving this machine whether I'm trying to catch or hit with it this product will last, and will definitely improve my hitting overall. I would recommend this product to any baseball or softball player that is trying to improve their game.
      Thank you.
      on Jun 2nd 2017

    3. It is amazing

      I love it so much!!!! I use it everyday and my teammates love it! on Jun 1st 2017

    4. Day 1----Kids love it

      This review is based on one use so far. I had to stop my kids from using it after an hour and a half of straight use. I wasn't sure if it needed a break in period. All good so far. This machine will definitely improve hand eye coordination. The included balls are Wiffle brand, not knock offs, which I would only recommend. A++ on May 21st 2017

    5. A great Purchase

      I have a special needs Grandson who plays ball on a Miracle League, he can hit anything you throw at him. His Dad had open heart surgery and I knew he wouldn't be able to pitch to him for a long time. So, I did a search for a ball pitcher the Personal Pitcher came up and I'm so glad I purchased it, he loves it and I love the fact that he can't get hurt with it. on May 14th 2017

    6. This Product Works!!!

      My brother was stuggling at the plate. I got this machine, we've used it 5x and we are already seeing results. He had his first game and with bases loaded he hit a triple to the fence and got three RBIs and that was his best hit that he has ever hit. With this product he's broke out of that slump and he is now hitting dingers. on Apr 27th 2017

    7. Dad's arm is out

      My son absolutely loves this pitching machine. "DAD" has pitched to him since he was 4 years old. My son Jonathan is currently a Junior in High School and dad's just not cutting it anymore. We received this machine and he was outside again practicing his hitting skills. Thank you!! on Apr 25th 2017

    8. LOVE IT!!!

      my travel kids love the pitching machine. swings are getting better and they have better discipline at the plate. . on Apr 18th 2017

    9. Great device!

      My twins love this machine. They are five and are taking hacks all day long. Great tool without the risk of injury at their age. Entertains the adults as well during backyard hangouts. Thank you!

      Built a cage using canopies and netting.
      on Apr 17th 2017

    10. Great training tool!

      3 key things that makes this a great tools are:
      1. Portability - A+
      2. Flexibility of pitches and speeds to work on swing adjuments and opo drills - A
      3. Massive handeye coordination improvement (specially using a bat like the HITMASTER GROBAT) - A+

      on Feb 23rd 2017

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    Personal Pitcher Pitching Machine

    Chris Richard demonstrates the machine that got him to the Major Leagues. Personal Pitcher, great batting practice for all ages.
  • Warranty Information

    The Personal Pitcher comes with a 1-Year Manufacturer's Warranty.

    Customers may choose to add the Lifetime Warranty at an additional cost.

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