Hitmaster GroBat™

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Improve Bat Speed, Power and Hand-Eye Coordination with the Bat that Grows with You!

The GroBat is a small diameter bat designed to be used with the Personal Pitcher wiffle balls. Hitting a small ball with a thin bat is proven to improve hand eye coordination and confidence.

The GroBat comes with a sweet spot pad, weight pack, weight adjustment kit, 1" removable choke up collar and professional leather grip. When the ball hits the sweet spot pad, the hitter will hear a nice "pop" sound letting him know he crushed it. The weight pack and adjustment kit are key to having a bat that can grow with a player as the weight can change anywhere between 20oz to 31oz. The 1" choke up collar will shorten the bat or help a hitter if he needs more bat control. Small bat hitting a small ball equals big results!

How to choose your GroBat

Below is a table of typical ages to recommended GroBat sizes:

Age Range
Suggested GroBat™ Size
10 & Younger GroBat Jr*
10 – 12 years GroBat 32*
12 – 15 years GroBat 32 or 33*
15 & Up GroBat 33 or 34*

*The GroBat Jr and GroBat comes with a choke up collar allowing you to shorten the bat 1 inch. Unlike the GroBat 32", 33", 34", the weight of the GroBat Jr cannot be changed.


  • Thin Barrel Training Bat
  • Pro Leather grip
  • Sweet Spot pad
  • Easy modification in length with 1" Choke Up Collar
  • Customize weight with 9oz. Weight Pack and Weight Adjustment Kit to ensure weights are secure/do not slide inside bat
  • Weights may be increased to develop and strengthen muscles in the hands and wrists



  • Sharpen hand-eye coordination
  • Develop quick bat speed
  • Build confidence
  • Bat that grows with the batter
  • Same bat may be used by multiple players of different ages and heights
  • Collars and weights create same length and weight as your game bat


Suggested Uses

  • Use for 50% of your practice regimen
  • Only use with light-weight small balls


Our Guarantee

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