TrueZone Target

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More than just a pitching target, the TrueZone offers a scoring element that emphasizes strategic pitching philosophy of throwing up and in, down and away, and off speed pitches that break out of the zone. It features a point system from 1-7 with more points for hitting the corners. When facing a right handed batter, the pitcher uses the black numbers. When facing a left handed batter, they use the white numbers.  If your son wants to be a good hitter, it helps if he learns to think like a pitcher….and he may turn into one!

Also helps hitters with strikezone awareness and is a great back drop for coaches throwing batting practice.

TrueZone Target comes with straps to attach to any frame or fence. 


  • Durable material
  • Durable straps allow the target to be attached to a frame or fence
  • Lightweight
  • Portable



  • Portable target – Practice anytime, anywhere
  • Helpful to pitchers, batters and coaches…
Benefits to Pitchers
  • Build confidence on the mound
  • Develop pitch selection discipline
  • Locate off speed pitches down out of the zone
Benefits to Batters
  • Build confidence at the plate
  • Develop strike zone awareness
  • Improve strike zone discipline
Benefits to Coaches
  • Great for pitching coaches and hitting coaches
  • Excellent target for throwing batting practice


Suggested Uses

  • Best to set it up on backside of pitchback.
  • Pitching warm ups
  • Pitching duels


TrueZone Games & Scoring

The games you can create are unlimited. Here are a few to get you started:

Major League Game

15 pitches (Sequence = fastball down and away, fastball up and in, curveball down out of the zone, fastball up and in, change up down out of the zone, and repeat 2 more times)

  • 85-105 Perfect Game
  • 65-84 No Hitter
  • 45-64 Complete Game Shutout
  • 30-44 Got the Win
  • 15-29 No Decision
  • 0-15 Back to the Minors
Little League Game

10 pitches (fastballs only, off speed zone out of play)

  • 50-70 Hall of Famer
  • 30-49 MVP
  • 15-29 All Star
  • 5-14 Starter
  • 0-5 Bull Pen
3.00 (in)
34.00 (in)
3.00 (in)