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Product Description

This unique glove fits over your index finger and thumb to create a small pocket that safely teaches players the proper way to catch a ball: in the web.  It's a challenge and any player that can consistently catch the ball with the WebGlov will have the best hands on the team.  Use with the Personal Pitcher to work on:

  • Catcher’s framing,
  • Fly ball drills for outfielders,
  • Turning two for middle infielders,
  • Picking the ball in the infield, and
  • A wide variety of conditioning drills.

For young players: This is the best way to safely teach them how to catch and build confidence in their ability! Purchase a single glove, a pair, or a pack of 10.


  • Designed to catch Wiffle® golf balls
  • Lightweight 
  • Durable neoprene material  
  • Fits over your index finger and thumb
  • Universal for left or right handed players



  • Develop "Soft Hands"
  • Improve Hand Eye Coordination
  • Build Confidence In Fielding
  • Safely Teach Young Players How To Catch
  • Eliminate Fear Of The Ball


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