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Backyard Hitting

Set up your very own
backyard batting cage
in minutes with the
Personal Pitcher

Get hundreds of quality live swings
every day with the Personal Pitcher:
- 4 Speed Settings, 15-95mph
- Fastballs & Curveballs
- Automatic Feeder
- 55 Ball Capacity
- Pitch Indicator/Timing Light
- 4 Hour Rechargeable Battery
- AC Adapter
- Money-Back Guarantee

The Personal Pitcher Baseball & Softball Pitching Machine

The Original Small Wiffle Ball Pitching Machine | Used by Youth, Collegiate and Professional Players Since 1994

Guaranteed Better Hitting With The Personal Pitcher |Start Hitting With More Power & Confidence Today!

The Ideal Practice Pitching Machine for Baseball & Softball

  • Affordable – Excellent alternative to expensive baseball & softball pitching machines & hitting equipment
  • Requires little space – Set it up in your backyard, basement or garage
  • Challenging – LH & RH Curveballs, Fastballs | 4 Adjustable Speeds (15-95mph)
  • Portable – Weighs only 5lbs & sits on any standard camera tripod
  • Safe – Uses small, light weight, wiffle type balls
  • Proven effective by Major Leaguers – This pitching machine works!
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Our Family’s Story

In 1988, 14 year-old Chris Richard begged his dad for a pitching machine. The batting cages were too far away and expensive, so Dad grabbed some old computer cabinetry, added hobby-shop motors and wheels, and the first Personal Pitcher was born. Chris used the heck out of it, thru high school and into college, and in 1995, was drafted by the St Louis Cardinals. Five years later, Chris was in the Big Leagues hitting a home run on his first Major League pitch.

Since then, the Personal Pitcher has undergone continuous improvement with the addition of left and right-handed curve balls, 4 adjustable speed settings, a pitch indicator light for timing, and a variable pitch delivery setting to name a few. Over 40,000 Personal Pitchers have helped ballplayers move to the next level. There’s no substitute for being able to take a few hundred live swings every day, and that’s why the Personal Pitcher, its accessories and hitting aids, has become the ideal hitting equipment to create better baseball and softball players at all levels, from pee wee to professional. Your son or daughter will love the Personal Pitcher!

Other Notable Customers

Some of our Major Leaguers include:

Andre Ethier – Right fielder, LA Dodgers

Carlos Quentin – Left fielder, SD Padres

Matt Joyce – Outfielder, TB Rays

Elliot Johnson – 2nd Baseman, KC Royals

Dave Hansen – Former Player & Hitting Coach, Seattle Mariners

Raul Ibanez – Outfield, Seattle Mariners